Food Service Catalog

  • d-series-deck-oven

    Standard Features

    • Electric deck oven
    • Glass doors
    • Separate controls for top, bottom and front heat
    • Independent operating decks
    • Electric 60-minute timer per deck
    • 1 3/8" insulation between decks
    • Exterior of oven is stainless steel with the back of the oven aluminum
    • Oven chamber is constructed of heavy duty aluminized steel
    • Rockwool insulation material-4 3/4" thick layer around the oven chamber to make it economical on power
    • Unit is supplied with legs and castors

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  • Deck Oven Matador

    Standard Features

    • Heavy-duty steam system
    • Steam system immediately encloses dough pieces
    • Excellent moisture and temperature control
    • Individual push-button steam controls for each deck
    • Hearth stone oven plates
    • Built-in exhaust hood
    • Built up to ten decks high
    • Operator friendly
    • Fully programmable for different baking characteristics

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