Food Service Catalog

  • Bench Top Pastry Sheeters
  • Automat-SSO-685-687

    • Dough sheeter with maximum flexibility 45mm roller openings
    • 650mm conveyer widths
    • Conveyor and roller can be supplied with either painted or stainless steel base
    • When not in use, the conveyors can be hinged-up and the
    • whole machine can be moved
    • Ideal model for businesses with space problems

  • Dough Press

    Standard Features

    • A stainless steel pressure chamber with a PTFE coated bottom plate produces a uniform block of pastry dough or fat. The press dwell time is operator adjustable.
    • The lid automatically opens upon completion of the press cycle and a uniform block of pastry dough or fat is ready for further processing.
    • A pre-scaled amount of dough or fat is placed into the chamber. The press cycle starts automatically once the operator closes the lid
    • A uniformly sized and textured block of dough or fat is a key requirement in producing high quality laminated pastry.

    Click here to view our Dough Press Brochure.