Food Service Catalog

Standard Features

  • Gas fired single rack oven
  • Electronic control panel
  • Control panel can be operated both manually or is programmable up to 99 recipes
  • Single rack capacity - hook design for 72” high rack (lower sizes available), 600 lbs. capacity with two drive belts
  • Unit approved for zero (0) clearance to combustible surface sides and rear
  • Type II Baking canopy standard, with automatic damper connection, canopy vent connection , pressure release vent and gas flue vent
  • All stainless steel construction
  • “Patented” IBS rotation system
  • Increased baking surface, rack rotation is alternately clockwise and counter-clockwise for uniform baking
  • Gentler bake with high volume and low velocity air movement via two fans
  • Patented cascade steam system (works without nozzles)
  • Flush front
  • Heat exchanger completely in stainless steel
  • Oven door to have visual window and single fluorescent light bulb for interior lighting
  • Controls are recessed and protected
  • Door latch design completely in stainless material and with double lock cylinders
  • Damper - Linear opening/closing with small steps so that the damper opening can be regulated
  • Front drain
  • Inside door handle release, recessed hinges and safety switches
  • Adjustable air slots
  • All service from the front and interior of oven

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Click here to view our C152 Rack Oven Brochure.

Unit of Measure


Shipping Weight

N/A 3000 lb


N/A 52.5 in


N/A 52.5 in


N/A 102.25 in

Maximum Rot. Diameter

N/A 36.8 in

Total Load

N/A 175000 Btu

Maximum Tray size

N/A 18 x 30 in

Dough Per Bake

N/A 132 lb

Voltage (Control Supply)

N/A 115 V

Phase (Control Supply)

N/A 1

Frequency (Control Supply)

N/A 60 Hz

Branch Circuit Current (Control Supply)

N/A 15 A

Voltage (Main Power)

N/A 220 V

Phase (Main Power)

N/A 3

Frequency (Main Power)

N/A 60 Hz

Branch Circuit Current (Main Power)

N/A 15 A

Water Connection Diameter (Regulated to 25 psi)

N/A 3/8 in

Condensation Drain Diameter NPT (front only, rear not available)

N/A 3/8 in

Combustion Exhaust Diameter

N/A 8 in

Damper Connection Diameter

N/A 4-1/16 in

Fuel Connection (NPT)

N/A 3/4 in

Maximum Rack Diagonal

N/A 3 ft 13/16 in.

Door Swing Radius

N/A 2 ft 9-7/8 in.

Maximum Rack Height (Cradle)

N/A 5 ft 11-7/16 in.

Maximum Rack Height (Hook)

N/A 6 ft 2 in.

Available Options

N/A 460/480 Volts Door/exhaust fan interlock Factory Mutual Package Marine Package for Cruise Ships Prison Package Stainless Steel Platform, rather than hook Water Pressure Regulator and Filter Type I Hood & Grease Filters, with separate connections for canopy vent, pressure release vent, steam release/cooling damper vent, and gas flue vent Type I Hood & Grease Filters, with single point connection for roasting Type II Hood with single point connection for baking Electric "Soft Start" Rack Rotation

Venting Specifications


  • Combustion chamber exhaust: type "B" vent (< 475 ºF)
  • Baking chamber exhaust, single wall vent (120 CFM)
  • Canopy exhaust, single wall vent (500 CFM)

Fuel Specifications


  • Type:Natural gas (Propane optional)
  • Power input: 175,000 Btu - natural gas (propane)
  • Supply pressure: 5.5 - 14.00" wc natural gas
  • Connection: 3/4" npt refer to burner manual for proper gas piping size & capacities